Who’s Opinion Do You Have Anyway

Contributed to Hood Research,

Have you heard, that “when i want your opinion i’ll give it to you”?

How stupid is it to repeat what your enemy wants you to think?

Rev. Holley repeats what Rochelle Rilley says like it’s the gospel truth. Then black media spends hours rehashing the same dumb logic, when it should have been dismissed, and the source questioned as to why it was said in the first place.

White folk media is for white folk and its the reason I don’t listen to Angelo, Rochelle and a few others, because they speak for white folk.

When will black media stop allowing white media to determine the topic of the day? When will black media stop following white media to determine which Black person will be roasted that day? These same talk show hosts or so called writers ask why problems exist in the Black community. They are role models and what role are they portraying?

Well sometimes as a man (or woman) thinks so do they act.

There is the first wave of propaganda media like Rochelle Riley and Stephen Henderson. Then there are the second waves that repeat such as Angelo, Holley, Gaddis, and others. Rochelle and Stephen don’t choose the topics, its chosen by the white media they emulate. The rest do us a dis-service by repeating the nonsense. Where others get drawn in, perhaps willingly, to the discussion.

Well with friends like these, who needs enemies?

I’m sorry holley doesn’t see how detrimental rochelle’s words are.

If a Black city needs a white mayor, then why do we need Black journalists? Why do we have the NABJ? National Association of Black Journalists? Why does Rochelle call herself a member?

Well with friends like these, who needs enemies?

It’s been said that,

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well that is not always the case. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. Its based on more of what they do than where they choose to stand.

Pogo said, I saw the face of the enemy and it looked like me.

My mom said “ it takes white to straighten out black folk”.

She told me a lot of things that later proved deleterious.

Is there any other race of people that dedicates an entire medium to the degradation of it’s own race? What happened to Black radio? What is happening to Black radio? Why are the navigators of Black radio steering straight into the abyss?

Is the crab in the barrel story true?

White folks ain’t asking you to help them straighten out their business. Why then are they telling you that you need them in order to straighten out your business?

Why don’t you see the only reason you are allowed a special segment, interview, or spot on their talk show is to give credibility to racist propaganda. Like a trained attack pit bull you go for the kill of your own kind at your master’s command. Malcolm told us how when you meet the pit bull in the street, it’ll walk right by you but if you try to step up on masters porch, that pit bull will fight you to the death.

Why don’t you avengers of “truth”  ever report on white wrong doing?  Because, you’re not allowed in the white world. When you are permitted a pass you are so happy and your nose is so far up their butt you can’t see what evil they’re up to and if you did you’d be too scared to say a word.

What happened to “if I can’t help you , I won’t hurt you”.

Blacks must stop media denigration of blacks. Why doesn’t black radio list all of the crimes that occur in Oakland county each day? Or are we supposed to think that all crimes occur in Detroit?

Haven’t you wondered why your interviews almost always involve making another black look bad?  Didn’t you notice they only put a mic in your hand or your face is to entrap or criticize another black?

You’re bait for their scheme. You thought you had skills – you do. Please , use them to build up your people, not to destroy them for others.


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  1. cassius roberts says:

    MUST SEE………. Independent Lens : Is the American Dream out of reach?…………Is this the GOP overview and financial guide ? And is A.L.E.C. the ax they use to chop up the state. Check to see which state laws are drafted by ALEC. The ones that are drafted by ALEC should be looked at very closely.

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