Pinkney Files Lawsuit against NAACP

 Press Release
On April 2, 2012, Rev. Edward Pinkney, president of the Benton Harbor/Twin City NAACP branch, filed a lawsuit against Ben Jealous, nat’l NAACP president, and state president Yvonne White and Vice Pres. James Gill.
Defendants White and Gill knowingly and willfully entered into a joint agreement with Whirlpool employee Marcus Robinson (Whirlpool’s Consortium for Community Development, and Band of Brethren) to take over the BH/Twin City NAACP, and to suspend membership fees for new people Robinson brings to NAACP.
Whirlpool Corp. circulated an email stating the nat’l. and state NAACP offices were persuaded to undertake the reorganization of the branch – with the specific intention of revitalizing the leadership.  It stated that members should contact Marcus Robinson rather than the branch elected officers or executive officers.  This is an attempt at a hostile takeover of the local NAACP branch by the defendants and the following:  James Hightower, Leonard Seawood, Whirlpool Corp., the PGA tournament, and Harbor Shores.
The lawsuit will be heard on April 11, 2012, 10am, Judge Sullivan’s courtroom in Detroit. 10th floor two woodard ave.
Breaking:  Last night the BH city commission  carried out a
Vote of 4 to 2 No Confidence in the PGA tournament to be held in Benton Harbor May 23-27.
The community do want the SENIOR PGA in Benton Harbor , Michigan May 23-27,
Contact Rev. Edward Pinkney for information.
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  1. Pati says:

    I was at the hearing on Apr. 11, and praise God, the judge seen the light!! Ms. White and her lawyer were none too happy when they were told they could not hold any kind of election concerning our branch. (3155) This is unbelievable! To think that such a respected org. could sink so low, this is very heart-breaking, especially in a time when people need help more than ever. This is why we must stand TOGETHER and fight any and all who threaten our freedoms and rights. We will be going back to court on May 10, 2012. Contact Rev. Pinkney for more details at BANCO.

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