Paranoia and Racism

There are those who complain that the race card was played at the press conference, held by Mayor Bing on Thursday December 8, 2011. However, there is evidence of institutionalized racism being practiced nationwide.


It has been reported that Mayor Coleman Alexander Young Sr. was told that after he was elected in 1973 he was paranoid when he said racist were after him in the seventies. The reason was because his election to the Mayor’s Office angered them. Mayor Young has been quoted as saying, ”I may be paranoid but, that does not mean they are not after me”.


Numerous laws were passed, such as, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) established in 1978. It is described as a private group of people using public city taxes to benefit their personal friends.


State legislatures today continue to enact laws to impact the City of Detroit. It appears that the Governor is throwing rocks and hiding his hands. A few examples, cutting services for FIA recipients, the Cobo Hall Authority, and the Emergency Manager Law. It has been noted that these measures are happening in only majority Black cities and the placement of Black emergency managers only blurs the reality of racism.


Like Coleman Young Sr. said, ” I might be paranoid” but, it does not mean they are not after the City of Detroit.


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One Response to Paranoia and Racism

  1. TheFamouslyDead says:

    There is no racism coming from the state government the racism is coming from people like you and David Bing. Always, always, always it’s the same story. When things go wrong for a 92% majority black city it’s whiteys fault. When things work out it’s due to the amazing ability of African Americans who were able to succeed even though they had to work twice as hard because of whiteys racism. In other words, as far as black America is concerned, when blacks succeed the success is theirs, when blacks fail the failure is whiteys. Here’s a thought, instead of coming out with more of your racist garbage why not ask this question. Why is it that only these majority black population city’s like Detroit which has been governed entirely by blacks alone for the last 40 years. Are so incapable of running a city into anywhere other than the ground? Why is that?

    Lets not forget what this is about here. The city of Detroit wants the state government to pay their bills for them, the same way the Federal government has been doing for decades. However, they don’t want any input from the state. They want other Michigan state citizens to pay their bills for them, and any deviation from just picking up the tab is apparently evidence of some racist plot at work. Once again, if you had a genuine bone in your body you would be asking this question. Why is it that these majority black cities, ran by majority black governments are so incapable of running their cities anywhere other than into the ground?

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